Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Children's Hospital Los Angeles, StaffGarden.com, & Nurses

As a career coach for nurses and healthcare professionals, I frequently receive notifications regarding employment opportunities throughout the United States, particularly for nurses. I've decided to begin posting about such events that I feel positive about; I hope some nurse readers will take advantage of the events and opportunities that are most salient for them.

On Monday, February 15th, my friends at StaffGarden.com are partnering with Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) for a special nurse hiring event. RN positions in NICU, OR, ER, and PACU are open, and an interview spot can be reserved by following this link. In order to register for an interview, you will be prompted to sign up for StaffGarden and create your online ePortfolio, which I will explain further below.

CHLA is a 365-bed pediatric facility that is highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report for ten pediatric specialties.

Here's the official description of the event and the StaffGarden/CHLA partnership:
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is hosting an RN Hiring Event!  We currently have openings for RNs in the NICCU, Operating Room, Ambulatory Surgery Center, PACU, and Emergency departments.

During the event, you’ll have the opportunity to take a tour of the facility, ask questions to the HR team, and interview with department hiring managers!

Pre-register, using StaffGarden’s ePortfolio tool and our staff will contact you with a short pre-screening questionnaire. We will then set appointments for qualified candidates to attend the event! Registration does not guarantee or otherwise ensure that you will be interviewed or offered a job opportunity with CHLA.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and StaffGarden are working together on an inaugural recruitment event. StaffGarden’s platform will manage pre-registration, licensure validation, & scheduling during the pre-screening process.
StaffGarden's ePortfolio

For those Digital Doorway readers unfamiliar with StaffGarden, they offer a highly effective, proprietary, cutting-edge electronic platform that allows users to create a robust professional online presence highlighting your successes, skills, experience, and expertise.

In addition to creating your ePortfolio, you can also manage your certifications and licenses within your StaffGarden portfolio (including expiration dates and renewals). No matter how robust LinkedIn may be, it does not offer a one stop shop for managing your certifications, licenses, and other important documents that are crucial to your nursing career.

Your StaffGarden ePortfolio also includes a custom link that may be shared with colleagues, potential employers, recruiters, and others. 

Many functions of the StaffGarden ePortfolio are truly not available on any other platform, thus there are myriad reasons to create your portfolio and begin sharing it far and wide.

Again, the event is available at this link.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

To learn more about CHLA, visit their website, and find them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. CHLA's stated values include "caring for children, adolescents, young adults, families and each other, advancing knowledge, and preparing future generations."

 From the CHLA website:
Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution that provides pediatric health care to more than 107,000 children each year in a setting designed just for their needs. Our history began in 1901 in a small house on the corner of Alpine and Castelar Streets (now Hill St. in Chinatown) and continues today with an urban campus that is home to medical experts who have developed more than 350 pediatric specialty programs and services to meet the needs of our patients. 

CHLA is a provider of more than $125 million in community benefits annually to children and families. As the first and largest pediatric hospital in Southern California, CHLA relies on the generosity of philanthropists in the community to support compassionate patient care, leading-edge education of the caregivers of tomorrow and innovative research efforts that impact children at our hospital and around the world.

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