Friday, October 08, 2010

Bill Clinton and Vegetarianism on

I recently wrote an editorial for in reaction to Bill Clinton's announcement that he is now a vegetarian in the interest of his cardiovascular health and longevity. Celebrity diets are always something to take with a pinch of salt (no pun intended), but champions for vegetarianism and healthy lifestyle choices deserve some attention, in my humble opinion.

As a newly minted and certified Health and Wellness Coach, eating low on the food chain combined with exercise and good habits will be two pillars of my health and wellness "platform", so citing Bill Clinton's healthy epiphany is certainly helpful to the cause.

With heart disease still being the #1 killer of Americans of both genders, it's time for Americans to assess their predilection for fast food and processed food once again, and perhaps turn the tide on obesity, heart disease, diabetes and mushrooming health care costs secondary to the ravages of those particular disease processes.

So, please visit my article on, and perhaps your own lifestyle revolution is also close at hand!
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