Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Pepsi Refresh Project

The Pepsi Company is currently holding The Pepsi Refresh Project, a competition with multiple categories in which people with ideas for creating change in the world can receive votes from the public in support of their initiatives. Categories include: Health, Arts and Culture, Food and Shelter, The Planet, Neighborhoods, and Education. Please look over each category, bearing in mind that you can vote for ten different projects per day during the month of April.

Within each category, there are dozens of excellent and worthy projects, including assistance for hospice patients to keep their pets with them during their end-of-life care, student-led summer projects in Washington, DC, support groups for children who are victims of violence, and many others.

Many people living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) have great difficulty finding affordable housing that is non-toxic and healthy for them based on their illness and sensitivities to multiple environmental factors such a chemicals, fragrances, and even EMFs. My wife and I were ourselves affected by mold in our previous home, and now live in a mobile home as we search the country for a new healthy place to live.

Apropos of affordable and healthy housing for people with MCS, in the Food and Shelter Category, I highly recommend that you, dear Reader, consider clicking here to vote for James Van Raden's MCS affordable housing project, the laudable goals of which include:
  • To construct safe affordable housing for people disabled by MCS.
  • Utilize sustainable building practices in wind, solar & geothermal
  • To pioneer green housing developments across the United States.
  • To be an example in the building industry for others to follow.
  • To develop co-housing communities that foster this initiative.
The Pepsi Company actually gives away millions of dollars every year to many worthy projects. Taking part by voting for these initiatives is one way that you can give to others with the click of a mouse. Please visit The Pepsi Refresh Project daily for the month of April and vote for the ideas that most speak to you.
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