Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Paid Blog Posts?

Very frequently, I receive emails from various interested parties asking me to write topical blog posts on Digital Doorway about their particular industry. I am generally asked to not reveal that I am being compensated for writing such a post, and until now I have refused every request to do so, no matter how attractive the offers are.

While my writing here on Digital Doorway has indeed garnered me paid work on other sites (like BlackDoctor.org) and in print form (with Kaplan Publishing), it has been my policy to never post anything here that I am paid for by outside influences. While I will occasionally write a post in support of a particular cause (like The Fresh Air Fund), those posts are never compensated in any way, except by my sense of well-being from supporting a cause that I favor.

I'm sure that some bloggers out there are more than happy to receive $50 or $100 for a post requested by an outside party (even if the compensation for, and origin of, said post is obscured), but I am still feeling very uncomfortable with the notion and have decided to continue to resist the temptation of renting out Digital Doorway for nothing more than monetary gain.

Hopefully, the paid writing gigs will continue to manifest, and whether they do or not, I am feeling rather strongly that writing posts for other people here on a blog that I've spent more than five years cultivating and nurturing would be nothing less than selling out.
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