Monday, December 14, 2009

The Days Fly By

Well, the days just fly by as my wife and I continue our journey around the country in search of intentional community and adventure. Some of you may be reading our blog, Mary and Keith's Excellent Adventure, and learning about the communities and people that we have been getting to know. If you haven't seen it yet, please pay a visit and look through the archived posts. There are many photos and stories that may pique your interest.

For me personally, this is a time of exploration on many levels. Since I am not working as a nurse---or in any capacity, really---my identity has shifted from that of a nurse to that of a traveler. With work being off the radar at this current juncture, we focus our daily energies on the logistics of RV travel, our health, our relationships with others whom we meet along the way, and creating opportunities to visit intentional communities that interest us as potential places to live or as examples of sustainable living that we wish to learn more about.

Intentional communities can be many things: eco-villages, cohousing communities, income-sharing communes, cooperative households, land trusts. We are visiting many different types of communities, learning about the different models, and hearing people's complaints, praises, concerns and advice about life in community. It is a grand experiment that has been going on for decades, and we are keen to determine if we would indeed like to spend the next several decades of our marriage living in some form of intentional community. The jury is still out, but the journey has only just begun.

Meanwhile, we care for our health, plot our next move, meet fascinating people, and enjoy seeing America from the vantage point of our home on wheels.

I recognize that Digital Doorway has been relatively quiet for the last several months as this journey has gotten underway. Since I am not working as a nurse at this time, I am still trying to ascertain the best use for this blog during this transitional period of my life. Nursing has understandably taken a back seat in my life at this current time, and the healthcare debate in Washington simply cannot hold my attention. So, I sit and ruminate on how my career and writing life will continue to flourish and grow, and I invite you to check back in from time to time to see how that process is going.

My blessings to all during this holiday season, and may the ending of the calendar year bring joy, glad tidings, family, good health, and all good things to you and yours.
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