Saturday, December 26, 2009


A new film has come to my attention, one which I plan to purchase and watch with great interest, and if I am as impressed as I expect to be, will then begin to distribute and promote it to my friends, family and readers.

"Chemerical" is a film by independent filmmaker Andrew Nisker that chronicles and exposes the toxic chemicals, cleaners and personal care products that pollute our homes and bodies, greatly endangering our health and poisoning our environment.

Indoor air pollution, Environmental Illness (EI), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and a host of other 21st-century problems are leading many people to take stock of what products they use to clean their houses, clean their bodies, and "freshen" the very air they breathe.

If you think about it, we actually live in a veritable "chemical soup" in which we constantly stew, putting ourselves, our children, our pets and our loved ones at risk of ill health and countless avoidable ailments.

My wife Mary and I have been living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity for a number of years now, most likely caused by mold in the attic of our house (of which we were blissfully ignorant until we tried to sell the house earlier this year). Living with MCS is no picnic, and we are now adversely affected by perfumes, scented candles, air fresheners, laundry products, common household cleaners, and a multitude of products used by most everyone. Visiting friends and family puts our health at risk and causes us a constellation of symptoms that range from being inconvenient to debilitating in nature, and every exposure can actually make our condition worse over time. (Just like with other types of allergies, the "rain-barrel effect" is operable here, wherein the body's ability to cope with environmental stressors lessens as the "rain barrel" begins to overflow with toxins.)

There are a number of websites dedicated to people with MCS and EI, and we highly recommend The Canary Report and Living in a Chemical Soup as two excellent places to begin. There are links to resources and websites that will educate you and stimulate your thought process vis-a-vis this information that is truly crucial for personal and environmental health.

I highly recommend that you spend time acquainting yourself with these issues, and take a hard look at the products that are potentially affecting the health of you and your family, even if you are consciously unaware of their affect. Your chronic headaches or your child's chronic asthma may well be linked to the very products with which you bathe and clean. Isn't it worth knowing, or are you too scared to know?

We are ordering a copy of "Chemerical" today and will share it with friends and family once we have personally screened the film. Whether you watch the film or not, the chemicals that are part and parcel of the products that we use to clean our homes, "freshen" our air and clean our bodies---among other products---simply must be examined if we truly want to live a healthy lifestyle. My wife and I are determined to educate others as we educate ourselves, and we wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year, perhaps one in which unnecessary chemicals play a lesser and lesser part as we all awaken to their inherent danger to our very health and well-being.
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