Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finding the "View"

Sometimes, amidst the rush and bustle of life, we lose our sense of humor, our perspective, our ability to float above the fray and simply witness our lives. We get caught in the river rather than simply sitting on the bank and watching the tumult. I am as guilty of this lack of consciousness as anyone on the planet, and I so very easily get pulled into the drama of my own mind, losing my perspective and forgetting to call on my "witness self" to see it all for what it is---illusion. The following quote from Sogyal Rinpoche rings very true for me today, and I hope it brings a few readers a moment of quiet self-reflection.

When the teachings “click” for you somewhere deep in your heart and mind, then you really have the View. Whatever difficulties you face, you will find you have some kind of serenity, stability, and understanding, and an internal mechanism—you could call it an “inner transformer”—that works for you, to protect you from falling prey to wrong views. In that View, you will have discovered a “wisdom guide” of your own, always on hand to advise you, support you, and remind you of the truth. Confusion will still arise, that’s only normal, but with a crucial difference: No longer will you focus on it in a blinded and obsessive way, but you will look on it with humor, perspective, and compassion.
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