Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Direction of Digital Doorway

Since I have left my position as a Public Health Nurse and am currently not employed as a nurse, the general direction of Digital Doorway's "editorial trajectory" is now in question. Whereas I have indeed for the most part focused on health, health care, nursing, and the occasional bits of Buddhism, spirituality and frivolity, I can now foresee---at least for the immediate future---that nursing, per se, will not necessarily continue to be the focus of my writing here.

As my wife and I embark on our cross-country sojourn and North American Laughter Yoga Tour in search of community, adventure, right livelihood and peace of mind, we will be writing about our process on our travel blog and writing about our Laughter Yoga experiences on our Laughter Yoga blog.

Taking all of these changes and peregrinations into consideration, Digital Doorway, therefore, will be the place where I will process my experience from yet another perspective---that of a nurse on sabbatical from nursing who is in the throes of launching a new business as a Health and Wellness Coach, offering Laughter Yoga as a Laughter Yoga Leader, and pursuing continuing work as a writer.

For those readers who are looking for pure nurse blogging here on Digital Doorway, you may be somewhat disappointed in the months to come. There are plenty of excellent nursing blogs bookmarked on the right-hand column here on DD, and I encourage you to read them regularly with great interest and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, I am interested to see how my writing unfolds as we launch our trip across the country and our worlds expand with life on the open American road.

When it comes to blogging, my "nurseness" is certainly a given, and that nursely lens does indeed inform how I see the world. However, as my wife and I begin to live full-time on the road for the foreseeable future, it remains to be seen how my non-nursely voices begin to make themselves known more strongly. I certainly hope that you, dear Reader, come along for the ride, and I welcome your comments and suggestions!
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