Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Moving Towards A Dream....

Well, dear Readers, we are back from vacation and I feel it's time for me to publicly share what's been happening for us here on the home front.

For a long time, we have been feeling that a change has been coming, and a new life has always been just around the corner. The last decade has seen us through chronic pain, developing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), the murder of a dear friend, the death of my great aunt, euthanizing our dog Sparkey after a protracted illness, and midwifing my step-father to his death. There has also been community, friendships, fun, travel and other great times as well, and we will leave our New England home with a mixture of joy and sadness.
So, taking into consideration where we've been and where we want to be, Mary and I are in the process of selling our beloved home, jettisoning as many of our belongings as we can, putting the rest in storage, and preparing for a mobile lifestyle on the road for the foreseeable future. The plan is to buy (and renovate, if need be) an MCS-friendly and non-toxic RV (perhaps running on vegetable oil) in which we can live full-time. We will then travel the country, bringing Laughter Yoga, health and wellness coaching, nursing, writing, and our various and sundry other skills to individuals, communities and businesses across America. This will be our Great North American Tour, and we will eventually be coming to a city, town or farm near you.

It has long been a dream of ours to live lightly, to lessen our footprint, to let go of the trappings of the middle-class lifestyle and homeownership, and take our lives on the road. So, the wheels are in motion, so to speak, as we wait for a buyer for our home and search for the perfect vehicle that we can call home.

I will be reporting updates on our progress here on Digital Doorway, and once we hit the open road, we will probably have another blog that will detail the specifics of our itinerary and adventures. Meanwhile, we are developing our Laughter Yoga website and honing our skills so that we can bring Laughter Yoga to willing audiences and participants nationwide.

So, the cat is out of the bag, and our process on this journey is now public. We hope to bring you along for the ride.

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