Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Dream Moves Closer

Dear Readers, 

Just a few days ago, I posted that my wife Mary and I are trying to sell our home so that we can begin moving closer to our dream of taking our lives on the road for bigger adventures and broader horizons. 
Today, that dream took one more step closer to reality. Following an open house hosted by our fabulous realtor, we now have three bids on our home, and it appears that a small bidding war is at hand. We surmise that we will accept the highest offer within the week and begin plans for a closing date in the near future. Since we are not quite ready to leave our New England region quite yet, we will find temporary rental housing, finish up our jobs by Hallowe'en, find and purchase the perfect recreational vehicle, and begin our journey forthwith. 
Meanwhile, we will soon begin a short introductory training to become health and wellness coaches, and then register for a 13-week intensive coach training beginning in September. 
Even as I have temporarily succumbed to the stress of making so many simultaneous major life transitions, I am humbled by the way in which serendipity and blessings abound. 
Stay tuned for further news as we move forward......
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