Saturday, June 06, 2009

Health Coaching and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Returning to the subject of becoming a health coach, there are several ways that this vocational choice could serve me and others, especially related to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

As I have previously written here on DD, when you have MCS, working in health care can be like a minefield of chemical exposure. From hospitals to medical offices to nursing homes, disinfectants, air fresheners, cleaners and other chemicals abound, and the health care worker with MCS can simmer in a toxic soup for thirty or forty hours each week, compromising his or her health while trying to help others. Even though I have never worked in a hospital since graduating from nursing school (something I was told would be professional suicide), my chemical exposures over the years have been significant and occasionally compromising.

So, I realize that developing yet another way to earn a living without reporting to an office or facility is a creative way to be gainfully self-employed without putting myself at increased risk of unnecessary chemical exposure. As a coach, I could interact with coaching clients by phone and online, and those individuals could wear as much cologne or use as much Bounce and Tide as they wanted, and I would never have to know!

I also can see that, as a health coach, I could reach out to the MCS community, offering an educated shoulder upon which those with MCS could lean for support and advice. There are only so many places that people with MCS can go for support and guidance, and I am open to becoming one of those conduits for information and referral. There may be others significantly more educated about MCS, but I have lived it, and my experiences have already drawn many people to me who are looking for help as they navigate those toxic waters.

There are numerous pools from which potential coaching clients might arise: nurses, nurses with MCS, non-medical people with MCS, health care workers in general, and those simply seeking solace and advice in a frequently disturbing and unhealthy world. Coaching those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a potential way in which I could empower individuals who often feel powerless in the face of a world that is largely indifferent to their suffering.

I frequently face the fact that I do indeed have MCS, and it does significantly impact my life on a daily basis. There are places where I and others with MCS can receive support, "The Canary Report" being one particular high-quality site that brings the MCS community together in meaningful ways. Perhaps I can offer my growing experience and knowledge in order to benefit others while allowing me to work from home, thus limiting my occupational exposures and increasing my ability to make a living. I in no way want to be isolated or quarantined with MCS, but creating a life wherein I can work independently and still serve others is a win-win situation that could have far-reaching benefits for many people, including me.

Speaking of "The Canary Report", I want to thank Susie for her desire to reproduce my last blog post about coaching, for it was her request to do so that sparked the idea that I could offer targeted coaching to the MCS community. Discovering how to do this will be a process that I look forward to exploring, and I will share a great deal of that process here on Digital Doorway.
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