Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Meanderings

Ahhh, the long weekend arrives, and barbecues and picnics and graduation parties dot the landscape. With blue skies and warm New England daytime temperatures, it surely feels like summer has begun.

On our street this afternoon, a neighbor noticed a small turtle laying her eggs just to the side of the road. Female turtles lay their eggs and then leave them behind forever, the babies on their own after hatching to find their way to the nearest safe haven. For ten weeks, those eggs will simmer in the soil near our driveway, covered by a wire mesh cage to deter dogs and cars and bicycles from disturbing their gestational slumber.

The turtle got me thinking about "baby safe haven" policies, wherein a parent can anonymously bring an unwanted baby (less than 7 days old) to a police station, fire station or designated hospital and surrender then without fear of prosecution. Those baby turtles need a safe haven themselves, and I imagine their infant mortality rates are as high as they are here in our "civilized" nation.

At any rate, from babies to turtles and the honoring of the dead who served our country in wars decades past, the long holiday weekend has my mind abuzz with thoughts and ideas. When I feel the inklings of "Bloggers' Block" (also known as "Blogstipation") tugging at my sleeves, sometimes just letting the fingers fly on the keyboard is enough to birth a post, even one as disjointed as this.

At any rate, my condolences and blessings to those who have to spend the holiday weekend working. Here's to the staff who work the hospital floors, nursing home wards, convenience store counters, restaurant dining rooms, factories, police and fire stations, and gasoline pumps. There are so very many people who toil away on the days that many of us take for granted, and I pause to consider those bearing the yoke of weekend labor.

As the turtle eggs gestate and the war dead are honored, may you, dear Reader, find peace, solace and joy in however your days unfold.
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