Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pain as Teacher

Living with chronic pain is a difficult lesson to integrate into one's life. Dogged by discomfort, where does one turn to learn to assuage the pain? How does one rise above the waves of physical sensation in order to see beyond the more obvious earthly struggle? Pain is indeed a teacher, albeit an occasionally cruel one, and I tire of its daily presence in my life.

I know that many people live with pain that is much more intense and debilitating than mine. There are amazing and resilient people all over the world who move through their pain with a courage of spirit that I can only imagine. They are my teachers, and I am seeking those who can model for me how to move through the pain, ride the waves, tumble through those terrible waters, and emerge on the other side, freer and more healed than ever.

In the midst of the pain that sometimes grips me like a vise, I hold a vision of a pain-free body, a body that no longer entertains the presence of such an unwanted visitor. I know that that future is mine, that my body will one day breathe a sigh of relief when the pain is released, leaving my body and slipping away like a mist in the trees. That day is coming, and I am giving thanks that, with every passing moment, it is that much closer to fruition.
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