Friday, February 01, 2008

The Blank Screen

Today, the blank screen glares at me, challenging me to write something pithy and interesting. I stare back, dumbstruck.

I am now in the second week of a five-week writing group which is jump-starting my writing process and adding new ideas. However, a blank screen is a blank screen, especially when one is a blogger who is known for writing about certain subjects and just can't think of anything to say. Go figure.

One thing I have learned in my writing group is a French form of spontaneous short poetry---the "Cinquain"---which is quite easy and fun to try any time. Kind of like French Haiku but you don't have to count the syllables. There are other forms that you can try as well. And a fuller history is given on Wikepedia. But for our purposes, these are your instructions:

1. Write down a noun. Any noun.
2. Write down two adjectives to describe that noun.
3. Write down three verbs in gerund form (ending in "ing") related to that noun
4. Write a four word sentence including the noun.
5. Write down a synonym for that noun.

My first cinquain:


Grey, smooth

Throwing, skipping, sinking;

There the stone sat.


Elementary, but it does make the brain work a little.
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