Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Home Again

Home, recovering from travel, adjusting to the relative cold of New England as opposed to the balmy warmth of Central Texas.

A hotel in another state is a place where one can let go of agendas and to-do lists, more easily falling into a state of being in the moment. Arriving home, there is nothing standing in the way of me and the weeks without work ahead of me. I have set aside this time in order to take stock of my mental and physical health, remove myself from the workplace, and find a somewhat more objective view of my life, both professionally and personally. That said, even within hours of my arrival home, the lists of potential accomplishments and "things to do" begin to propagate in my head like so much mold.

The challenge for the weeks ahead: to allow enough time for simply being, with unscheduled time for reflection, relaxation, and blessed catatonia.
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