Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dream for Darfur Olympic Torch Relay

This just in from the website of Dream for Darfur:

Olympic Dream for Darfur has organized an Olympic Torch Relay from Darfur to Beijing that started in August 2007. The goal of the relay is to remind China of its ability and its responsibility to help end the carnage in Darfur.

The Olympics are less than a year away. The theme for 2008 is “One World, One Dream.”

As China prepares to host the Olympics and waves the banner of peace and brotherhood, it is failing to help bring this dream to Darfur.

China has considerable influence over the Sudanese government and can play a critical role in ending the carnage in Darfur. So far, China’s actions have not been enough.

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To remind China of its responsibility to help bring peace to Darfur, Dream for Darfur launched its own Olympic Torch Relay in August. The torch began its journey in Chad, just across the border from Darfur. The torch will travel around the world, visiting sites of previous genocides such as Rwanda, Armenia, Bosnia, Germany, and Cambodia.

Between September and December, The Save Darfur Coalition, Dream for Darfur, and STAND will bring the torch to several cities around the U.S. The torch will end its tour when it arrives at China’s doorstep in December.

The message is simple. China please: bring the Olympic dream to Darfur.

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