Friday, May 11, 2007

Nurse LinkUp Round-Up

Due to contractual obligations which I've mentioned before, my articles and blog posts on Nurse LinkUp cannot be published here on Digital Doorway. However, links to said posts and articles are totally kosher, so please be so kind as to peruse whatever missives pique your fancy. Thanks!

"Feel the Love": an appreciation of being appreciated during Nurses' Week.

"Rewriting Nightingale": a brief mention of a movement to rewrite the outdated Florence Nightingale pledge, penned by Miss Flo in the 19th century.

"Case Study: Fever and Rash of Unknown Origin": self-explanatory.

"Nurse-Patient Relationships": the challenges of long-term clinical relationships and the boundaries therein.

"Laughter as Medicine": an article. Not comprehensive, but a place to begin a new relationship with laughter as a tool of healing.

"Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Hidden Disability": my personal treatise on MCS and why nurses need to champion those afflicted with this indivisible disability(like myself).
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