Sunday, April 15, 2007

Laughter Yoga---Let it Begin!

It's done. We inaugurated our local Laughter Yoga Social Club with a small group of friends here in our home this afternoon. As the rain and snow soaked the New England ground outside, we were warm and cozy in our (currently tenantless) basement apartment, laughing and giggling together, ending with a wonderful meditation led by Mary. It was a truly empowering and liberating experience to actually lead a successful session of Laughter Yoga for the first time since our leadership training.

Many smiles and laughs later, blood pressure lowered and internal organs massaged, participants and leaders alike finished the session healthier and happier than when they started. After our session, watching videos of Laughter Yoga in India on YouTube---in parks, in factories, in prisons---it's apparent that we've really discovered a simple and powerful tool which can be brought to many people so very easily. The vision---laughter in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, prisons, businesses---seems so unassuming, yet the potential impact is truly beyond measure.
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