Saturday, April 14, 2007

Golden Moments

A tool as powerful as the mind seems so readily hijacked by random thoughts and emotions. When one turns one's focus from the present moment, turning the gaze towards the past or future, an emotional derailment is all too easily experienced. So many spiritual teachings consistently guide us to remember that lingering over the past or future---either in regret or in fear---will most likely lead to suffering.

For example, if one is precluded from eating a particular food due to a newly discovered allergy or sensitivity (like a particular nurse I know all too well), feelings of lack result. Such mental concentration on what is lacking strongly derails the mind from enjoying the present moment, detracting from real-life experience as the thoughts focus on something that is actually an illusion. A losing proposition all around.

Remaining aware of the current moment is paramount, something which the poorly controlled mind will labor to hijack, often with great success. I write these words entirely for myself, for I am guilty of missing out on the present moment so very often.

But here we are again, and that golden moment is back to savor. Am I up to the task?
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