Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Full Moon Fun

Just a short missive to relate that Tuesday really threw me for a loop today. With the volume of calls, emails, interruptions, patients in need, home visits, med boxes to fill, refills to call in, doctors to consult, letters to write, voicemails and details, details, details, it felt like doing battle with an unwieldy opponent who was always one step ahead. At one point during the day, I thought to myself, "Is it a full moon today?"

Lo and behold, on the way home from a lovely dinner at the home of dear friends, a full moon was smiling down upon the ribbon of road before us!

It'll be midnight soon, but I have not yet begun to sprout unsightly facial hair and claws, despite the gravity of that glowing lunar orb. Perhaps I'll stop pushing my luck and escape to Dreamland now before it's too late.

Good night, and may the glow of the moon illuminate your world..............
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