Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Weekend's Deneoument

Sunday evening; the locusts and frogs singing their hearts out, the night air still and somewhat cooler. The mosquitos are out for blood.

This weekend was like a two-day holiday, which in fact it was. Why was it a holiday? Because I treated it as such and embraced it as such. Instead of being a too-brief reprieve from the turbulent waves of the week, I saw it as more than forty-eight hours in which to socialze (ever so briefly), be with my love, love my dogs, care for my home, swim, bike, and do my household tasks with joy and aplomb, knowing that my time was well-spent and my energy high.

Rain all day Saturday and on Sunday morning helped indoor tasks to be taken care of. Abundant sun on Sunday afternoon lent itself to biking to the farm of which we are shareholders to pick fresh basil for outrageous pesto (one batch with olive oil and pine nuts, the other with walnut oil and walnuts). Said pesto was then smeared over corn-on-the-cob barbecued right in the husk, with olives, feta cheese and a cheap Merlot to top it all off, followed by decaffeinated Earl Grey tea with honey and milk, and a small shared bowl of corn flakes with fresh blueberries, soy milk and maple syrup. Mmmm.

The dogs are satisfied with their grub, Sparkey the Dog still hanging in there despite End Stage Renal Disease. Maybe it's the barbecued chicken that's keeping him among the living, methinks.

Our boy has moved to a new apartment in a new town somewhere in New England today, and all is well in our world in this moment.

We send light and love to all those who suffer, and give thanks for the abundance that permeates our lives.
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