Saturday, May 06, 2006

Recovering and Recharging

The weekend brings recovery, a moment to step back from the obsessive-compulsive nurse-mind which envelops the psyche during the week. The trick is to somehow manage to tone down that drive for efficiency and allow the mind to rest. Being away from home 50 hours per week, the piles of papers and laundry and errands and tasks grow exponentially during the week, and the secret is how to remain able to accomplish those tasks while still unwinding the mind and body, regenerating the biological and spiritual batteries, and shedding the baggage and accumulated stresses.

This skill of recovery and recharge is a learned skill---it is not necessarily innate. At times it seems easier to remain on that track, following the ego's drive towards doing rather than being. My desire is to accomplish what needs to be done over the weekend, but rest my mind and heart from the week's ups and downs.

Balance is called for---the balance of doing and being, of mindful action and thoughtful repose. Recovery and recharge should not be just another task to accomplish and cross off the to-do list---it is a state of mind, and one which, unfortunately, I must consciously steer myself toward.
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