Friday, March 03, 2006

My Recent Surfing

I am orbiting around a number of blogs and websites these days and have decided to offer a brief synopsis of the sites that are currently catching my digital eye.

The Happystance Project is a site by Tony Plant in the U.K. whose mission seems to be the promotion of health and the relief of stress for caregivers through laughter and yoga. I have no idea how he found me, but he took the time to say some very nice things about Digital Doorway on his site and I thank him heartfully for the kind words and the good work he does in the world.

The host of Whiskey River shares poems and writings by other writers which he or she chooses each day. There's some nice links here, too.

ImactED Nurse is published by a thoughtful, intelligent, and deeply thinking emergency room nurse in Australia who shares insight, inspiration, and humor in an impressively designed site. He also gives Digital Doorway a very kind vote of confidence on his "Library" page.

Luminous Emptiness and Graceful Presence are two "Dharma Blogs" which I only recently discovered, dedicated to Bhuddism and spiritual consciousness. Blogmandu "is a weekly metablog that finds some of the best banter, wisdom, photographs, graphics, and churning discussions in the posts of English-language Buddhism-flavored sites in the blogosphere", offering its own Blogisattva Awards, very timely as Oscar Night approaches.

As ever, Genre Cookshop, the blog published by my cousin, the painter Nancy Bea Miller, is always a lovely place to visit for heartwarmingly intimate photography and commentary on life by a busy painter who is also the mother of three boys, one of whom lives with severe autism.

On the political and social front, The Huffington Post, Common Dreams, and Frances Moore Lappe all offer an admittedly left-leaning view of the world.

Finally, Mary at The Mote in the Light shares her insights and wisdom as a nurse advocate for people with disabilities.

Mind you, this is not a comprehensive list, nor do I espouse to read all of these sites daily. They are just a part of my surfing and reading patterns of late, a snapshot of my current interests and predilections. I expect none of you to visit each recommendation, but hope that perhaps one link will take you to a place that offers inspiration, humor, humanity, or perhaps some other as yet to be identified gift.

All the best, and good night.
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