Saturday, February 04, 2006

Don't Get Me Started, Part Deux

Continuing to think about starting another blog, I ask myself why I feel the need to separate my opinions about politics, economics, foreign policy, etc from my thoughts and reflections on work, love, health and healthcare, life, spirituality and life in general. That is an idea worth pondering. Perhaps I feel that my posts about my patients and my work dilemmas would be lost in the fray, diluted by the other overarching questions about the sorry state of our union and its relationship to the greater world.

This may seem like so much perseveration about nothing, but in this chaotic and information-drenched post-modern world, taking on the project of yet another writing venue---and subsequently adding to the plethora of information already polluting the blogosphere---is worthy of reflection.

If you are a regular (or irregular) reader of this site, would you be pleased to see a wider array of posts that would include thoughts on politics and the like, or would you rather be able to click a link to a separate site for that? Any comments greatly appreciated, dear Readers.
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