Thursday, December 29, 2005

Poetry Spam

You've heard of poetry jams, now we have Poetry Spam. The spam email just keeps arriving in our inbox, and today was a new manifestation---no link to click, no ruse to ask me to update my account and password on some bogus website that looks like PayPal--it was simply a "word salad" (a psychiatric term used to describe the seemingly nonsensical verbiage of a person experiencing active psychosis). These emails may be maddening, but some are just downright entertaining.

To wit, here it is, in all of its raw and unedited glory, from my inbox to your optic nerve:

"cationic emulsion eminent evade oklahoma hunt cornelius moire exeter cone
inelastic lying colonnade fictive trompe aluminate antagonistic skat seton
trivial megabit continuation avow albrecht ethnic careful erasable department
liqueur metalwork crucial blasphemy dichondra gamecock shrike wrack kernel
bisque astigmatism bahrein barb miocene jumpy audit manipulate stubborn
simpleton egalitarian boron arnold corrode hick vine chub alcoholism eocene
bittern trivium fmc"

Nonsensical word salad or coded dispatch from the cyber-spiritual realm? The words which shout at me are inelastic, antagonistic, megabit, albrecht, blasphemy, simpleton, egalitarian, arnold, alcoholism. Taking those words and stringing them together, I devise the following:

"Employing inelastic antagonistic megabits of information, Albrecht's blasphemy---as a coarse and unschooled simpleton---was to thwart the egalitarian and chivalrous Arnold in his unrivaled demise towards wanton alcoholism."

So if you, dear Reader, are moved to try your hand at such blogorrheic wordplay, please comment below and post your own story using the words provided above. For this blogger so recently plagued with blogstipation, this email was a Goddess-send vis-a-vis being fodder for today's rather paltry entry.

A tout a l'heure.
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