Monday, December 26, 2005

Our Son Also Rises

Our boy is home, arriving in a driving rain on Christmas night at 10pm by bus from Boston. Lovely memories of holidays past come to mind, and we settle into peaceful co-existence in the house once more---at least for a few days, anyway, before he returns to his adult and responsible life. Even the dogs seem more relaxed now that the pack is all together again.

A small but thoughtful gift exchange, relaxed lunch, a game of Scrabble with the grandparents---my parents---who are here for the long holiday weekend. Now he and Mary are both napping upstairs in their respective beds---I'm not sure which room the dogs have chosen to be in. Must be a difficult decision for them to make......

Sadly, I must return to work tomorrow while mother and son play and carouse, but I'll look forward to family evenings at home, leaving work as early as possible each night.

May all beings have an opportunity to know this feeling of familial warmth and well-being that currently permeates our silent home on a winter's evening.
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