Saturday, October 15, 2005

Here Comes the Flood....

The waters continue to pour from the sky. It's been days of rain soaking the ground, washing the streets and sidewalks, and causing local rivers to overflow their banks. Even here in Western Massachusetts tragedy has struck: the Greenfield River overflowed and destroyed an entire trailer-park. Residents had to be rescued as the river rose precipitously and rapidly, entire lives swept away.

In Guatemala, near Lake Atitlan, where friends of ours live, entire Mayan villages were buried in mud and designated mass graves. We all know about the Gulf Coast and the earthquake in Kashmir.

The earth is speaking. Some would say that any organism will attempt to shed itself of other organisms which are causing it harm or parasitically destroying it. Have we gone too far? Is the earth now attempting to shrug its shoulders from the burden of humanity's relatively brief but damaging residency? The Mayans prophesied that the earth would undergo massive changes in the years 2011 and 2012 to purge itself of pollution and damage. They also said that for a number of years prior to 2011 the changes would begin to make themselves known with increasing ferocity.

A moment of silence as we contemplate the state of humanity and the state of the earth, in hopes that the suffering of each can be assuaged and reversed.
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