Sunday, October 23, 2005


Can we do anything else but be? Work, life, home, relationships, family, money, education, play, friendship, career, leisure, creativity: they are all aspects of this state of being.

My state of being as of late has been encumbered by mild yet persistent viral illness, stress related to work, and a resultant depression. Wishing for things to be other than they are, pining for change, feeling hopeless in the face of physical reality and the failings of the human body and mind---these do nothing to alleviate suffering, most certainly adding to feelings of futility and hopelessness for self and world.

These are the musings of a tired mind wanting to reach out and connect to those souls who read these words which I post here on this physically non-existent "site". Again and again, I remind myself that my problems and challenges are real, yes, but they are mostly problems of luxury that others would love to have the opportunity to share. Too much work? So many seek gainful employment and cannot find it. Mild viral illness? The terminally ill wistfully remember the days of the common cold and its inconveniences. A house always in need of some tending and mending? So many have lost their homes and continue to suffer the consequences.

I do not belittle my problems, yet I challenge myself to view them with a healthy perspective and take a fresh look. All I need is here before me. Can I not see it?
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