Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Balm Upon My House

Ah, a three-day weekend dawns upon the psyche like a heaven-sent balm. No matter that there's plenty to do around the house. No consequence that chores abound, the new tenants are moving in, there's painting to complete, and so many things needing attention. The work-week and details of nursing can take a back seat for a few days, although I must at some point prepare a lecture and an exam for next Thursday's class....

Speaking of teaching, last night's class was just golden. I don't know what it was. It's unclear how sometimes the magic happens and things just roll along with little effort. I've made it a goal as a teacher to not be afraid to make a fool of myself. Self-deprecation, humor, and the ability to take one's shortcomings lightly in plain view of others goes a long way towards creating an atmosphere of lightness and openness. Last night was just one of those times when everything clicked, when I felt my intentions were clear, the class was with me, and I was able to lucidly communicate my thoughts with humor and clarity. I have no illusions that this will occur on a weekly basis, but a goal of such an outcome is one to which I can aspire. My hope is that my teaching will translate into my students becoming effective and professional nurses, something for which I can assume some responsibility, but the lion's share of the work falls to them and their willingness to put those brain cells to work.

As the home-front comes into order and relative quiet, as our lives begin to absorb the new rhythms of autumn, as the weather changes and Orion rises from the horizon, I cannot help but be thankful for the priviledges which illuminate my life. I hope to never take these blessings for granted.
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