Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Zen Mind, Vacationer's Mind

Pardon the play on words, folks, but I couldn't help myself. I hope Mr. Suzuki doesn't sue me.

Anyway, life goes on here in vacationville. While others run off to "The Cape" (as in Cape Cod), the Jersey Shore, New Hampshire and such, I'm pleased with our decision to spend this week at home. That said, the challenge here is not allowing myself to be too busy, to not spend my hours either thinking of, or accomplishing, everything around the house that's been crying out for attention. That does not mean, of course, that Yours Truly is slacking up a storm. There's plenty to do, as long as hours of activity and sweat equity are balanced by hours on the bike, reading, watching movies, napping on the hammock, or at the ol' swimming hole with the pups and my love.

A measure of my level of relaxation is demonstrated by the fact that I just prank-called my workplace and had one of the administrative assistants on the run for a minute until I burst out laughing. I let her know that I didn't want any news about my patients, only to send my condolences to those worker-ants slogging away at their desks while I relax on my porch. I didn't actually say the latter part, but we had a good laugh and as I hung up the phone I realized how life at work goes on whether one is on vacation or not. Some things may not get done, some patients may be lost in the shuffle for a few days, but there's always 9-1-1 and the ER to take care of emergent needs. Meanwhile, I attend to my own emergent need---to take care of myself.

It's only Wednesday--the halfway point of my vacation, and I can feel my mind letting go, even as pieces of the future continue to insinuate themselves and draw me out of my residency in the present moment. My to-do list is there, for sure, but it's a guide, not a ball and chain, and many things on it may stay there for now. I remind myself to say, "Get thee behind me", and change the channel. Where's that mute button for the mind again?
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