Saturday, August 27, 2005

Spam (Alot)

My dear Readers,

So sorry, but I had to enable "word verification" so that when you comment here on Digital Doorway you will need to go through an extra step in order to do so. Unfortunately, there are spammers who have begun sending millions of emails which infiltrate into blog comment areas, offering links to buy Viagra and stocks in McDonalds. Not that I really want to deny you access to such magnanimous offers of virility and wealth, but I'm sure you can find those offers most anywhere on the ol' Information Superhighway. FYI, I have also disabled anonymous comments to further ward off would-be spammers.

At any rate, technology must always stay one step ahead of those who take advantage of it for economic reasons. The dark side of Capitalism will always rear its ugly head. Get thee behind me, Spammer!
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