Monday, August 22, 2005

Rude Awakening

Well, Day One of Return to Work Week is over. I caught myself frowning in the rear-view mirror, dragging my feet (almost literally), and pining for a nap in the hammock. The pile of papers on my desk and in my mailbox overwhelmed me, not to mention the patient whose cancer has taken a turn for the worse, the dozen or more calls I received from patients in need, the beeper that would not quit, and the documentation of today's visits that seemed to be endless.

Leaving work at 5:30, I ruminated during the drive home, sleep tugging at my eyes. Not even music could soothe me during that 35-minute commute. It seems like the sleepiness I felt all day was a kind of defense mechanism, my brain fighting tooth and nail against the need to be sharp and clinical after nine days of relaxation. There are times when the memory of a vacation is literally swallowed whole by the onslaught of work, and I fear that this may be one of those times. I know, vacation is a luxury, and having a job to vacation from is an even greater luxury, but it was a monumental task to go through the motions today.

Eighty-three people and their medical needs began dancing in my brain again this morning after being shuffled off to some cerebral storage file, and though their renewed residence did not birth a headache, there was certainly some brainache, to be sure.

Please pardon my back-to-work blues. I am sure that this too shall pass and we will be back to our regularly scheduled nurse.
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