Friday, August 26, 2005

Know Justice? Know Peace?

Some of you Readers are aware that we recently were privy to a hearing at The Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York City vis-a-vis the case of our friend Woody who was murdered by the Brattleboro Vermont Police in December of 2001.

It appears that the 2nd Circuit judges have made the unprecedented move of passing a judgment only 19 days after hearing the case. The three judges have basically thrown out the lower court's decision, sending the case back to the Vermont Federal District Court for further review. This article offers an excellent overview of the decision and its ramifications.

We are cautiously thrilled that the "Old Boy Network" judge---Gavin Murtha of Brattleboro Federal District Court---has been handed an embarrassing decision by the higher court. We only hope that this turn of events may eventually give the Woodward family their day in court.

None of this will bring Woody back. He will never again walk through that door and collapse under the weight of the excited dogs and humans welcoming him into our midst. He and I will never again share our love of electronic music and philosophizing about the state of post-modern culture. He will never again massage Mary's feet or counsel our boy in his inimitable way. But this is an important historical moment, separate from our memories and our love for his being.

We miss you, Woody, but the earthly fight for justice has not yet ended. From your vantage point, it all must seem like water under the bridge, but here in the third dimension we're still slogging away. As the saying goes: "Know justice, know peace."
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