Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Hoop for the Lowly

Transitioning back to work has been challenging at best. Yesterday was the lowest moment, for sure.

But today after work I biked to town to do a few errands and watched the sky closely as the sun made its descent and the amazing clouds did their dance. I was caught in a sudden downpour, and by the time I stopped in a drive-in bank to escape the drenching rain, a full rainbow appeared from horizon to horizon, a second partial rainbow echoing the prismatic wonder.

By the time I arrived home to fetch my camera, the rainbows had begun to disintegrate, but I managed to snap a quick photo before it completely retired. Even as these challenging days of hard work tax the mind and body, I am reminded that wonder and beauty still rule the day.

As Jack Kerouac said so eloquently in The Dharma Bums, I believe: "What is a rainbow, Lord? A hoop for the lowly."Posted by Picasa
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