Sunday, July 24, 2005

Traffic Report

I just learned from Stat Counter that Digital Doorway has received 2,654 pageloads over the life of the site. Now, that doesn't mean that 2600 different people have visited, but it means that my site has been visited on 2600 unique occasions! (Editor's note: my home computer is blocked from this data so that my visits---and Mary's--- do not artificially inflate the numbers.) I'm excited by this news and also humbled that my writing has reached an audience wider than I ever hoped. While the statistics also state that many of those visitors have not lingered very long---some for only seconds (was it something I said?)---, it seems my peregrinations and wanderings have attracted some repeat visitors over the months. I can also see that the majority of my visitors are from the US, but there are many from Canada, Europe, and beyond.

To all of you bloggers out there, I highly recommend Stat Counter as a way to track your website's traffic.

Off to enjoy a lovely Sunday. Blessings to all, and as always, thanks for visiting.
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