Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Teacher Redux

I just received a contract in the mail inviting me to teach again next semester. I also received a copy of my evaluation with actual quotes from my students, some of which are almost embarassing, to wit: "Keith is the best instructor ever! He deserves a raise!" "Keith is the best teacher I have ever had in my whole life. He makes learning interesting and fun at the same time!" "Kindness radiates from him, a wonderful nurse, an excellent human, and a terrific teacher" (Oh my!) "Keith is the SHIZNIT!" (I'll have to ask my son to explain that one...)

Wow, that is overwhelming and humbling. After one year of teaching, I did not expect such high marks, and I give thanks for having such a forgiving first audience. Now that all of the prep work and front-loaded new-teacher learning curve is overcome, this next year can involve more thoughtful planning of fun games and more innovative ways of communicating information. Any advice from you, dear Readers, regarding new ways to teach adult learners, I am all ears...well, at least somewhat more ears than usual, anyway.

The teacher is learner is teacher is learner, andI look forward to a renewed opportunity to explore this aspect of myself once more. For now, I'll enjoy the summer and the pleasure of working only 40 hours a week (plus a few per diem evening shifts here and there).

Now off to pick up our son who is rolling into town on the bus from Boston in order to celebrate his 22nd birthday with his good old 'rents.

More soon from birthday land...
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