Sunday, July 03, 2005

Summer's Cauldron

Once again, dear Readers, name the musical reference for this missive's title and earn a gold star. Last gold star went to GXF for naming Peter Gabriel as the muse for "Rhythm of the Heat".

Anyway, take one part sun, one part lush green, two parts water, add beer, watermelon, fruit smoothies, fresh organic vegetables, strawberries, bicycles, wet and panting happy dogs, two hammocks, an occasional gin and tonic, several camping trips, at least one jaunt to the ocean, and the promise of fresh corn and blueberries to come, and you have yourself the makings of my quintessential summer.

Since the reality of work must so rudely interfere with enjoyment of this dearly loved season, it's even more important for the evenings and weekends to be as much like retreats or mini vacations in and of themselves as possible. With only several long weekends and one full week of vacation planned for the summer, one must grab each day by the horns and enjoy it as much as possible. The relative nightmare of car-shopping herewith dispensed with, we now interrupt this bulletin for an important message: make the most of summer, for its fleeting loveliness is something to be savored, like a ripe strawberry begging to be eaten.

Here's to drowning in summer's cauldron. No life-preserver needed.
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