Thursday, July 07, 2005

Moving right along....

Yes, moving right along. Another week almost under the belt. My patients tax me but I'm holding up under the pressure (thanks, Prozac!). One of my clinical team-mates is currently on vacation and her eighty-some-odd patients have been adding to the melee. Phew!

For those of you who were following the story of Rose, she has been living with her son with 24-hour supervision, and Protective Services and the visiting nurses are keeping a watchful eye. We're edging closer to starting her on antiretrovirals (AIDS drugs) but I'm still not holding my breath.

A brittle diabetic patient is refusing to continue to use her insulin, and when the visiting nurses come to her house, she acts as if they aren't there. Another diabetic continues to abuse alcohol as I warn him that he's heading down a slippery slope towards ill health, dialysis, amputations, and heart disease.

Many of my other patients are behaving themselves nicely, taking care of business, responding to my prompts, and moving right along their paths of self-care.So many patients, so little time.

At any rate, as violence explodes in London, I also watch the violence on our streets here at home---the violence of poverty and disenfranchisement and institutional neglect. There are fires everywhere, but some are less noticeable than others. I try to maintain my precipitous optimism for humanity as the signs of global devolution become more stridently obvious.

Moving right along is what we can do, as long as our own movement somehow involves the forward movement of others for whom we can serve as guides, mentors, or allies. The G8 is a venue for sharing the wealth of the industrialized world with others, but it remains to be seen if those in positions of power have the cojones to do the right thing......

Let's all take a collective inspiration and exhale compassion for sentient beings everywhere.....
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