Thursday, July 28, 2005

Just Hit Refresh

The restfulness of sleep performed its job so nicely. My inner state is mirrored by the outer: a cool breeze, blue skies, temps in the upper 60's this morning, expected to peak at a lovely 78. This summer, I've embraced the heat, even when visiting my patients' steaming apartments, but this cool morning is a welcome change. The air this morning reminds me of days in Amsterdam, biking along the canals, the markets teeming with tulips, bicycles darting along, often with children balanced fore and aft, no helmets capping their fragile heads.

Another work day ahead---it's just another day. Chinese herbs with black tea and milk and honey, banana-mango smoothie, Happy Pill, lunch packed, morning ablutions complete. Dogs patiently await their morning constitutional. I'm captivated by the light on the trees and the sounds of the birds waking up to the day. Boy, that hammock looks inviting. What a day to spend reading and writing on the porch!

Alas, duty calls. There are people to see, tasks to complete, care to administer, details to attend to. Tonight I'll reward myself with time to simply be.

Off to the races.....
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