Thursday, July 14, 2005

Down Time

So much time spent in the mode of doing. Being seems to take a back seat so often. Work consumes the day beginning with the rise from bed at 7am, the exit to the car at 8:15, and doesn't really end until the work duds are shaken off back at the homestead, usually after 6pm. Summer, however, invites one to partake of the outdoors, stay out late with the sun, drape oneself in a comfortable spot with a book, splash in water, roll away on a bicycle....

Last night we went to a picnic celebrating the first birthday of Class Action, a local organization dedicated to bridging and understanding the class divide. Politics aside, it was a wonderful group of people in a lovely location. The summery foods and good humor of the crowd just spoke of the ease and languor of summer. This weekend, The Green River Festival beckons, and then a quick overnight to the ocean to see friends and dip in the oft-frigid New England surf.

Today, driving through the stiflingly hot city, I spied people crouched in doorways, parked under shady trees, sitting on fire escapes in somewhat vain attempts to beat the urban heat. Every city should have free swimming pools open to the public for ways to cool off and enjoy the heat, rather than suffer its consequences. My son found a free pool in his neighborhood in Brighton, Mass., but the poor people of Springfield have no such luck. Tonight I bask in the air-conditioned comfort of my home, and know that I will sleep well in this cool retreat in the woods, while so many in the cities wallow in the sticky night air.

Priviledge is everywhere, and while I give thanks for that which I have, I wish I could bestow it upon all and sundry. Making sense of that cognitive dissonance is a life's work.
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