Wednesday, June 01, 2005


This week has brought the sensation of ripeness. Spring has entered its lush final weeks, resplendent with greenery, leaves, flowering trees, seeds and pods floating in the wind. Germination is in the air, literally and figuratively. People come out of the woodwork, eat in outdoor cafes, drink coffee at sidewalk tables, spread blankets amongst the flora and fauna. It is a sight for sore eyes.

The days will lengthen for a few more weeks until the Summer Solstice, and then we will enter the full glory of summer in July, followed by the resplendence of August. Here in New England, it seems we take summer seriously, for we know its fleeting embrace all too well. Six months of mostly wonderful weather generally greet us from May through October, and we soak it in for all it's worth. No wonder people fall in love in Spring---it awakens the body and its passions: for food, for love, for nature, for ripeness on and off the vine.

Our local community-supported farm of which we own a share will open this weekend and the parade of the season's harvest will be upon us. Our refrigerator will overflow with abundant organic produce. We await with bated breath the strawberries, the melons, the glistening cukes and peppers. We'll make fresh pesto with ingredients we pick ourselves. We'll bathe in blueberries and delight in sugar snap peas and edamame. And did I mention corn? Don't get me started about corn. And roasted organic potatoes? Oh my.

As you can see, this veritable explosion of vitamins, minerals, and earthly delight is only now beginning its slow crescendo until the climax of September's harvests. But let us not think of September now, dear Reader, no. June is dawning today, and there is so much, so much more to come.

Feast well.
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