Sunday, June 05, 2005


It is with limitless pride that I return home to post that my son Rene has officially graduated from The New England School of Photography in Boston. The actual graduation ceremony was a lovely affair with a very unique and artful slideshow which presented two pieces by each graduate projected onto a very large screen, accompanied by appropriate ambient music. The graduates' work was also exhibited in NESOP's two main buildings for the parents and loved ones to peruse.

Showing us his portfolio back at his new apartment in Brighton, Mary and I were stunned by the personal and profound nature of his work, the depth of emotion and sensitivity demonstrated through his vision. In the course of the weekend, it became more evident to me than ever before how photography represents a true art form which can involve not only the use of technical skills for the manipulation of light and shadow, but also emotional and social awareness which profoundly effects the final outcome of the finished product. Rene's portraits of the homeless people of Boston are stirring and lucidly clear in their depiction of each individual's humanity, and I know that their willingness to be captured by him and exposed on film is a testament to his personality and palpable powers of empathy and compassion. Meanwhile, his self-portraits are an introspective look into the soul and heart of a beautiful and thoughtful young man. I hope to some day share some of these images with you here on Digital Doorway.

Watching a young man launch himself into a new career, a new homelife in an apartment shared with his lovely girlfriend, and a new chapter as a young adult in pursuit of satisfying work and right livelihood, Mary and I both were just struck with his beauty and humanity. We returned home filled with pride, love, and an abundant faith in Rene's ability to forge his own unique path in this often troubled and troubling world.

Off to bed with a smile in my heart.
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