Friday, June 17, 2005

The Plot Thickens

A Friday night at 11:00pm seems to be a strange time to be writing the script for a wedding, but this is what I find myself doing tonight, although blogging is the transition for me prior to calling it a night and turning in. ("Turning in"--what an expression. We "turn in for the night", thus I must assume we "turn out" for the morning?) But I digress.

At 6pm on Sunday, Mary and I will facilitate a wedding, as I informed you in yesterday's post. This is an exciting opportunity to practice my Spanish in a non-medical venue, and to have a taste of what it's like to be a Justice of the Peace. Perhaps I'll like it so much I'll want to hang a shingle. Who knows?

This coming week is just full of great moments to be savored: the wedding on Sunday, going to see Modest Mouse in concert on Wednesday, speaking at my students' graduation on Thursday, and attending a friend's nursing school graduation on Friday. How can one stand so much excitement? I will stand such excitement by keeping anxiety and nervousness at bay, thus freeing myself to enjoy and take in each moment as it happens, without regret, without thoughts of the future, with only the sincere action of embracing the present fully.

After a full week of work, evening obligations, patients, complicated lives, dysfunction, drama, and hyper multi-tasking, I can settle in for a long weekend (I luckily have Monday off) and embrace the hours and days as they present themselves.

Dear Reader, can our protagonist stay in the present consistently enough to follow his own rhythms and live in the moment? Can he truly live without regret, without looking toward the future and ruminating about what is yet to come? Can he truly embrace the tasks at hand with equanimity and grace? Stay tuned as the plot thickens and the journey unfolds.....
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