Thursday, June 30, 2005


Deep breath. I am continually learning to back off from panic, overwhelmedness, the feelings of duty and responsibility that sap one's strength and will.

As some of you commented, automobiles are sometimes a necessary evil. For me, the need for one underscores the sensation that life on the material plane is unnecessarily burdensome. But I remind myself---it is a problem of luxury to own a car. It's even more of a problem of luxury to have one's car break down, and then have the wherewithal to simply shop for a new one! In another country, someone would go to great lengths to keep my old car running, no matter what. I can simply walk away and pick out another. Must keep it all in perspective.

When I feel entitled and lose sight of my vast priviledge, it's time for some humbling thoughts to bring me back to reality. I can resent needing a car, yes, but I can remind myself that for many around the world, what I have is truly unattainable.
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