Monday, May 23, 2005

Sweeping Small Temples

In the last few weeks, Mary has spearheaded a cleansing of our house, and tonight's project was a major blow to the clutter and overwhelmingness of the dreaded basement. There's a direct correlation between cleaning and organizing one's home and doing the same to one's mind and life.

There are so many types of clutter, and one's physical surroundings surely reflect one's inner landscape--and vice-versa. There's a saying that a messy desk is the sign of a brilliant and active mind, but I think that's just too simple a statement. The condition of one's desk is simply a reflection of one's current mind state, not one's overall brilliance or lack thereof. For me, a clean and orderly desk allows me a clearer space in which to think, just as a tidier basement will help me to sleep more restfully tonight.

I think of Jack Kerouac's statement from Dharma Bums, which I hereby paraphrase: "Wee monks sweeping small temples"....
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