Sunday, May 15, 2005

Shameless Dumpster Diving

This is the weekend when hundreds of priviledged college students move out of their dorms and head home for the summer. There is a subculture of townies who watch their calendars closely and descend upon the school in search of trash and treasure. We were introduced to this annual event a few years ago, and have gladly taken part in the festivities several times.

This weekend, we made our rounds through the local campus on both Saturday and Sunday, under the threat of rain that rarely manifested in much more than a sprinkle. As usual, there were several serious collectors with work gloves, overalls and boots, climbing into the dumpsters and making short work of finding the best booty. Amateurs that we are, we poked around the perimeters of the dumpsters, opened some promising bags, and came away with some noteworthy finds, our main goal being to score some nice things for our son's new apartment. (Now THAT's back-to-school shopping, folks!)

My favorite treaures from the weekend's activities was a beautiful new paperback edition of Anne Karenina, as well as a well-preserved Signet Classic version of Dante's Inferno, not to mention In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Some light summer reading.

Other finds included a lovely silver desk lamp for Rene, brand new hanging file folders, unused stationary, metal desk organizers (at least $10 each at Staples), and clean plastic storage bins for the basement. We saw other people make off with excellent halogen torch lamps and other flotsam and jetsam. The early birds definitely found some good worms. Someone must go around with a truck, collect loads of goods, and then hold a yard sale with a huge profit margin. Way to go. Capitalism at its best.

A good time was had by all. To all those undergrads' parents who sent credit cards to their kids for the purchase of desk organizers, stationary, and lamps---that was money well spent! Y'all c'mon back now, y'hear?
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