Thursday, May 26, 2005

Loose Associations

I have to chuckle tonight (it must be the increased Prozac dose I'm taking--seriously, Mary says I'm laughing more than ever this past week. But I digress...). My last two posts were entitled "Sweeping Small Temples" and "A Vacuum", and recently I wrote about cleaning the basement. There's a pattern here somewhere, folks.

But seriously, spring is traditionally a time of cleaning house, both literally and figuratively, and I find myself partaking on both fronts. Exercise, weight loss, careful eating, house cleansing, tidying and organizing my desk at work, closing up shop after a year of teaching, cleaning the basement---out with the old and in with the new. I highly recommend a listen to the song "Sacrificial Bonfire" by XTC on the "Skylarking" album---a song of burning up the old and letting in the fresh winds....

Speaking of music, I have now listed links to musician/band sites that I feel are worth perusing. These are shameless endorsements of some of the music that I like, and also are sites which I feel are worth checking out from a design or content standpoint. The Radiohead site is most interesting and byzantine---there are loads of pages to wander through, some more dangerous than others. I have also added links to various art sites of interest, some of which are digitally-based art which necessitates use of Flash Player or other free software in order to partake.

Loose associations aside, it is a time of year when we await the coming of the summer heat (at least in this New England of ours) and, like the squirrels, we take time out to get our houses in order, store away our leftover winter supplies, and await the onrush of the verdant time of year. May all your pastures be green, dear Reader.
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