Saturday, May 14, 2005

In these times....

Boy, politics has not really entered my blogging over the months, and I even posted once to explain why I am not talking politics here on this site. That said, the current climate of political ugliness in this country is nauseating: Tom DeLay, the Bolton nomination and hearings, the ongoing war, Abu Graihb, Guantanamo Bay, the entire Bush Administration, Negroponte's appointment. You get the picture.

How do I cope?

-Now with David Brancaccio on PBS on Friday nights at 9
-The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central
-Arse Poetica--see links to blogs
-Pinko Feminist Hellcat--another blog linked here on DD
-I avoid NPR like the plague these days
-Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman, if I'm up to the task
-Avoiding all media from time to time
-No radio in my car

The bumper sticker which says, "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" about sums it up for me.....
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