Friday, May 06, 2005


Ahhh. Nothing like coming home. Mary, dogs, cozy and earthy home, the familiarity of routine and the comfort of the nest.

It was lovely to see my parents---both sets---and especially wonderful to surprise my dad on his 75th birthday and see the joy in his eyes when he came home and realized that I was sitting on the couch. He expected my brother to be there, but my arrival was clandestine, my car parked secretly around the corner.

The highlight of the day was simply hanging out, playing frisbee in the park, flying some balsa-wood airplanes that I picked up in a stationary shop for the occasion. We used to fly those fun and inexpensive planes all the time when we were kids, generally with my dad. My brother, father and I spent some time reminiscing: childhood camping trips, memories, synchronicities, profundities, mundaneities. My time with my dad was sandwiched between two late evenings with my mom and step-father, followed by an early Mother's Day lunch before I braved the 4+ hour ride home. It was a time to spread the love around.

Sleep wishes to visit these tired eyes soon. Buenas noches.....
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