Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dinner and Comedy

Our lovely friend Shen was here visiting with Mary when I came home---a welcome surprise. Mary asked me to crank up the new gas grill to cook up some Tofu Pups to go with the rest of the food. Being new to grilling, I did as I have done several times before, and even chatted with my brother on the phone as I performed my task. A puff of heat rose past my face while lighting the grill and I thought little of it. Mary and Shen had quite the laugh as they observed the singed hair ringing my face. No worries folks---my eyebrows are still intact and my plastic eyeglass lenses didn't melt.

After sitting down to dinner on the screened-in porch, I had to get up to fetch something from the kitchen. As I rose from my chair, we heard a very distinct sound: "rrrrrrriiiiiiiiiipppp!" The back pocket of my favorite green corduroy pants caught in the bamboo backing of our new politically-correct Viet Namese porch chairs (all proceeds went directly to the craftsperson who made them) and tore two nice holes in the seat of my pants! Shen said that the look on my face as the fabric ripped was priceless. From their uproarious laughter, I assumed she was telling the truth.
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